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What is GOD?

GOD is the acronym for Game (server) On Demand. It can be used to spawn a game server just when you need one. It could be extremely useful for pcws and cws because specifying both rcon and game passwords is up to you. Therefore you will have full control over the newly spawned server, until you will decide to "drop it" just because you're done with it. After its "deletion" it will be automatically deactivated, no other user intervention is required.

How GOD works?

Registered users will be assigned with one server slot (an UDP port where the server will be binded, "slot" from now on) over which they can create / destroy a private game server, at their will. Once created the slot will be available to every user assigned to it (i.e.: a clan slot available to clan members). Users can delete and create a new server on their slot via a simple web panel, providing the rcon and game passwords and an optional configuration file which will be copied into the slot's directory. Once running users can "rcon exec userprovided.cfg" and let their custom configuration file be loaded into the server. Users may also choose one or more custom maps from a list to have them linked in their server.

How do I request a GOD account?

You can sign in with your existing G+, Facebook or Twitter accounts or register a new one in GOD web site. The creation of your user profile is mandatory prior any other operation.

After the required activation of the newly created account, you will be assigned an unique slot. This will be the numeric UDP port your server will be binded to. Once created and running you will connect to that port using the rcon and game passwords you specified in the server creation process.

Which game are available?

At the moment the only available game is Urban Terror, both 4.1.1 and 4.2 (always the latest) versions.

Note: Urban Terror 4.2 servers will be spawned as a public server (password protected, of course) in order to allow authentication system to work. Private (dedicated 1) servers cannot use the authentication system bundled with the 4.2 branch, and it would be a shame not to use it!

Is this service free?

No. To use this service the user has to pay a small fee that we need in order to keep it up and running. The fee is based on "slotcoins". A slotcoin is a virtual coin you spend everytime you start a server on your slot. When you run out of coins you cannot start a server until you recharge it buying coin packs via PayPal at a very small price.

But... if you're not interested in a personal slot dedicated to you but still need a game server for free we have something you could find useful. We called it "bitch slots" (why this name? long story...). These slots are absolutely free to use but aren't personal... anyone can use them as long as they're available. 

You can create a server on a free bitch slot and use it for a maximum time of 120 minutes. That slot will be shutdown after that time has elapsed or after 5 minutes of inactivity (empty slot).

Here are the main differences between paid G.O.D. Slots and free Bitch Slots:

FeaturePaid G.O.D. SlotFree Bitch Slot
Reserved (guaranteed always available)Yes!No
User defined Rcon and Game passwordsYes!
Can change raw backend server (for best ping)Yes!
Can select one or more custom mapsYes!
Has support (via e-mail, IRC, web forum)Yes!
* available only with the web interface

IRC bot:

On RKF Clan IRC channel #rkf.clan @ QuakeNet you can use our PimpBot to quickly request a single Bitch Slot without using the web interface. Limits are that you can only ask for one server every 120 minutes. If you need more servers at a time, please consider registering and using the web interface. As per the web interface created slots, inactive servers will be shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity, or after 120 minutes if the server is used. When the time limit is reached you will be able to launch a server again using the IRC bot.

PimpBot usage:

  • .bitch free - use this command to check the number of available Bitch Slots.
  • .bitch please - use this command to actually ask for a Bitch Slot... the bot will PM you with the needed informations.

How do I create a GOD server?

You can create a GOD server in 4 easy steps:

  1. Login with your GOD account and click on "Manage your servers" link
  2. Click on "create and run a server" link
  3. Fill the required informations (Version, Rcon passwd, Game passwd, Slot, the optional Configuration file and Maps)
  4. Save
Now you can connect to your newly spawned server using the informations you provided.

  • DO NOT change rcon nor game passwords of your running server or it will be automatically deleted!
  • Server will also be automatically deleted if there are no connected players after 30 minutes since its creation!

How many GOD server could I create?

Regular users are assigned with one slot only, but we can allocate you up to 4 slots after particular requests. Multiple slots requests aren't accepted yet, but we could in the near future.

How can I load my configurations?

In the server creation page select your configuration file by clicking on the Configuration button. The file you've provided will be copied in your slot's directory and will be available for you to exec it via "rcon exec" command.

Note: every server generated and user uploaded file will not be deleted, it will be permanently stored in your slot's directory even if the server isn't running.

Can I request custom maps?

Of course yes. You can select one or more custom maps from the list and they will be linked to your server slot's right before its start-up. Then you can send the 'rcon map mapname' command to your server to load the map you want to play.

Note: If you need a map that is not listed, please, send an e-mail to and specify the exact map file name you wish to be linked to GOD server (i.e. ut4_myleetfragmap.pk3). We will enable it and reply back to you. Please, don't ask for maps like Abbey, Algiers and every other map already included in the game... we are talking about custom maps!

Hint: to reduce server start-up times and to prevent possible server crashes try to keep the custom maps list as little as you can. If you need some maps for a clan war (practice or league) just select and use them. You will always be able to delete the server and create a new one with new custom maps, if you need more.

How can I download my logs / serverdemo files?

As said above, every server generated file (as logs, server-side demos, saved positions etc.) will be permanently stored into your server slot's directory. At the moment you can only request the whole directory, zipped, by sending an e-mail to specifying your server's slot number and your account name. The zip file will be sent to the requesting address as a reply.

Note: we will only accept requests coming from the registered e-mail address for the requesting account. For privacy and security reasons we will not send anything to unregistered e-mail address.

In the near future you will be able to browse the server slot's directory via web and download anything you need directly, but this feature is still under development.

How can I deactivate the server?

To delete an active server you must select the "Want to delete this server?" check and click the  Go  button. The server processes will be shut down and the links to custom maps removed. Any user uploaded configuration and server's log files aren't purged in any way and will always be available if needed.

Is there any game bot in the GOD server?

No. The reason for that is quite simple: GOD server is an "on-demand" process, so binding a game bot to it is simply useless. For any kind of server administration needs you can just use the rcon password you provided at the creation of the server.

Do I need to "rcon quit" the server when I'm done?

It is not necessary nor useful. By deleting the server you will automatically close the server processes, so you don't need to "rcon quit" it. If you do, you would simply free resources you aren't using any more. Let us do the dirty job for you. ;)

Problem: I cannot login to GOD site.

If you are using a social network account: try to log out and in again. If it still doesn't work send an help request by e-mail to and let us check it out.

If you registered an account via the web site: double check your login informations and try again. If it still doesn't work send an help request by e-mail to and let us check it out.

Problem: I cannot see anything after login.

If you see an empty web page after you log in something gone terribly wrong by our side. Maybe we got abducted by aliens and we are actually roaming around Saturn in an alien mothership, being abused by grey, big black eyed, hominids. -.-"

Jokes apart, if you can't see anything after login try to logout, clear your browser cache and cookies for this website only and try to log in again. If the problem persists send us an e-mail to describing the problem, better if you attach some screenshots. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Problem: I cannot create a server.

You can create a server only if administrators assigned a slot to you and if your slot has coins on it. If this is the case and you still cannot create a server, please, send an e-mail to including a screenshot of the error (if any) and a detailed description of the steps you make... this will help us to reproduce and possibly fix the error.

If you ran out of coins it's time to recharge, just buy a coin pack and you're ready to go or use a bitch slot, if there is one available.

Problem: I cannot create more than one server at a time.

This is the normal behaviour of GOD server. You can only create one server at a time, unless you apply for more slots when this option will be available.

Problem: I cannot connect to my GOD server.

Double check the provided server's IP address and port (slot). If the game hangs in the "connecting" phase it could be possible you're mistaking the above informations. If they are correct and you still cannot connect to your server try to delete it and create a new one (the wasted coins will be refunded if it is the case). If the problem persists send us an e-mail to providing us with all the informations you can, as date, time, server's IP and portcoins balance etc.

Problem: Game and / or rcon password don't match.

It is nearly impossible unless you are mistaking them. The server is created with the password you provided so it's likely your fault.

Hint: do not use any special character but plain ASCII for both rcon and game passwords. This will ensure your passwords are usable within the game.