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Is this service free?

No. To use this service the user has to pay a small fee that we need in order to keep it up and running. The fee is based on "slotcoins". A slotcoin is a virtual coin you spend everytime you start a server on your slot. When you run out of coins you cannot start a server until you recharge it buying coin packs via PayPal at a very small price.

But... if you're not interested in a personal slot dedicated to you but still need a game server for free we have something you could find useful. We called it "bitch slots" (why this name? long story...). These slots are absolutely free to use but aren't personal... anyone can use them as long as they're available. 

You can create a server on a free bitch slot and use it for a maximum time of 120 minutes. That slot will be shutdown after that time has elapsed or after 5 minutes of inactivity (empty slot).

Here are the main differences between paid G.O.D. Slots and free Bitch Slots:

FeaturePaid G.O.D. SlotFree Bitch Slot
Reserved (guaranteed always available)Yes!No
User defined Rcon and Game passwordsYes!
Can change raw backend server (for best ping)Yes!
Can select one or more custom mapsYes!
Has support (via e-mail, IRC, web forum)Yes!
* available only with the web interface

IRC bot:

On RKF Clan IRC channel #rkf.clan @ QuakeNet you can use our PimpBot to quickly request a single Bitch Slot without using the web interface. Limits are that you can only ask for one server every 120 minutes. If you need more servers at a time, please consider registering and using the web interface. As per the web interface created slots, inactive servers will be shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity, or after 120 minutes if the server is used. When the time limit is reached you will be able to launch a server again using the IRC bot.

PimpBot usage:

  • .bitch free - use this command to check the number of available Bitch Slots.
  • .bitch please - use this command to actually ask for a Bitch Slot... the bot will PM you with the needed informations.